Mobile pump centre for sprinklers in container design

Containers for extinguishing systems - Sprinkler containers individually equipped as required

The pump control centre is used both for stationary and temporary extinguishing systems used. Together with diesel or electric pumps, foam compound tank and foam compound proportioner, it forms the heart of your sprinkler system. As the size of the mobile pump centres can be adapted to customer requirements, the extinguishing containers are often installed near large water cisterns. Big advantage of the Sprinkler container is that all installations can be prepared directly by the manufacturer of the fire extinguishing system. The Pump container with fittings can then be put into operation fully prepared on site. This eliminates the need for time-consuming installation work and the construction of an extinguishing water pump station on site.

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Pump control centres and sprinkler containers for a wide range of applications

Our containers are used for automatic Extinguishing systems for the petrochemical industry, Landfills, Recycling centres and Cement works. We also have experience with Extinguishing containers for hangars and Helipads. The containers can be transported both by lorry and ship, so they can be used anywhere in the world.

Sprinkler containers and pump control centres are usually fitted with trapezoidal sheet metal panelling and Hilti mounting rails on the inside. On request, the pump containers can be built with a fire protection class of up to EI 60 on the inside and outside. The floor of the pump containers is usually made of sheet steel or aluminium chequer plate. All wall and floor openings can be prepared in the factory become.

Oil-tight drip pans can also be manufactured for the fuel tanks of diesel generators. We also install special doors with electronic access systems, e.g. from Assa AbloyThis means that authorised personnel have round-the-clock access to the technical container. Powerful fans with electronically controlled ventilation flaps are also possible.

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