School containers, containerised schools

Space for education and play

School containers from PH-Container quickly and efficiently create spaces for educational institutions such as schools and universities. We have many years of experience in the planning of modular buildings, from crèches and nurseries to classrooms, seminar rooms and offices for universities.

The great advantage of our school containers lies in the fast, flexible and inexpensive construction of the rooms, as well as the possibility of extending the facility or moving it to another location.

Many years of experience in the construction of daycare centres, schools and universities

Planning in accordance with applicable regulations

Short construction times and turnkey realisation

Low construction costs

Variability - buildings can be moved and converted

School containers

  • Child-friendly furnishings
  • Use of low-emission building materials
  • Fire protection
  • EnEV-compliant insulation
  • Various hard-wearing floor coverings
  • Acoustic ceilings
  • Wallpapered or tiled walls
  • High-quality interior lighting
  • Hot water heating
  • External or internal stairs
  • High-quality sanitary facilities
  • External façade roughcast, wood panelling, Cembonit
  • Canopies in the entrance area, parapet roof cornice, additional roofs

School containers as a real alternative

As the systems customised according to your wishes When planned in modular containers, all types of rooms can be realised, such as classrooms, bedrooms and playrooms for daycare centres, libraries, offices and meeting rooms, as well as kitchens and sanitary facilities. Modular buildings made from school containers serve as Long shelf life today not only as temporary or replacement buildings. Through utilisation High-quality exterior façades made of wood, roughcast or metal and special roof construction, modular buildings from PH-Container are an equivalent Alternative to solid buildings. For schools, kindergartens and daycare centres, a customised exterior façade is also an option - this is how we create warm, continuous surfaces that optimally embed the building in its surroundings with garden and playground.

If you need more space for your school in the near future, school containers are a quick and cost-effective solution. Find out more about the advantages of school containers here.

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Customisable school container

In terms of interior design, school containers are fitted with decorative chipboard for walls and ceilings and vinyl flooring as standard. We recommend the installation of acoustic ceilings for classrooms and the use of laminate or cork flooring for nurseries. By planning the modular buildings accordingly, the requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) are met and a pleasant indoor climate is ensured. Typical special equipment for school containers also includes Electrically controlled aluminium external venetian blinds and computer workstation luminaires, for offices parapet cable ducts and for specialist and laboratory rooms dissipative floor coverings. Of course, your system can also be equipped with Fire doors and fire-resistant interior panelling to comply with local fire protection regulations. Interior heights of over 2.75 metres or suspended acoustic ceilings are also possible. For the sanitary facilities, you can choose between the standard version with visible pipework for fresh water and waste water and the version with concealed installation behind tiled installation walls.

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