Container house for seasonal workers

Container house as the ideal solution

The Wurtz vegetable farm in southern Germany grows organic cucumbers and tomatoes in its greenhouses. The family is supported by harvest workers from all over Europe during the season. The demand for organic vegetables has risen sharply in recent years, which has enabled the family to employ more harvest workers. But where should these people live? The spatial Capacities on the organic farm were limited. In order to provide the staff with good accommodation, the New construction of an accommodation facility planned. The Wurtz family knew from vegetable farmer friends that they could grow vegetables in containers. Seasonal workers' accommodation had built. After visiting a container house reference facility nearby, it was clear that office and residential containers could fulfil all the family's wishes. The advantages of a short construction time, expandability and the high quality of the convinced the vegetable growers. It quickly became clear that the ideal place for the new living modules was next to the greenhouse.

Handover of the container house within a week

However, the construction site was not suitable for modules in the standard sizes. With the PH Container GmbH, a Modular room system planned to optimally fit the size of the construction site. The organic farmers wanted to erect a pitched roof with a photovoltaic system as their own contribution, which enabled additional utilisation of the building site. Once the building application had been approved, the point foundations for the container system were prepared. After a Delivery time of only 8 weeks the modules were delivered and within one week mounted. A local carpenter then built the additional roof for the PV system.

Before the start of the new season, the Residential containers to the workers. The residents were delighted with the spacious communal kitchen, the new bathroom and the spacious bedrooms.

  • Client Wurtz organic farm
  • Date 15/08/2019
  • Tags Container house, residential container