Kindergarten containers and day care centre containers

Space for education and play

Kindergarten containers are the modern solution for your new kindergarten, crèche or daycare centre. We have many years of experience in the construction of such modular buildings: from planning to turnkey handover, we provide you with comprehensive support.

The great advantage of our kindergarten containers lies in the fast, flexible and inexpensive construction of the rooms, as well as the possibility of extending the facility or moving it to another location.

Many years of experience in the construction of daycare centres, schools and universities

Planning in accordance with applicable regulations

Short construction times and turnkey realisation

Low construction costs

Variability - buildings can be moved and converted

Kindergarten container

  • Child-friendly furnishings
  • Use of low-emission building materials
  • Fire protection
  • EnEV-compliant insulation
  • Various hard-wearing floor coverings
  • Acoustic ceilings
  • Wallpapered or tiled walls
  • High-quality interior lighting
  • Hot water heating
  • External or internal stairs
  • High-quality sanitary facilities
  • External façade roughcast, wood panelling, Cembonit
  • Canopies in the entrance area, parapet roof cornice, additional roofs

Kindergarten container made from high-quality materials

The demand for quickly accessible and affordable modular space continues to grow. Kindergarten containers are the ideal solution for building a kindergarten for local authorities, parents' initiatives or companies. The public or private provider receives a cost-effective, variable space solution that can be realised quickly. We have Many years of experience in the construction of kindergarten containers and day care centre containers.
With our modular construction, the required rooms such as playroom, nappy-changing room and craft room as well as sanitary facilities can be realised quickly. The kindergarten containers are made from high-quality materials and can be customised to your requirements regarding Adapt thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire protection. In crèches, the floor of the containers is particularly well insulated and Flooring made of linoleum or other natural materials so that the children have a nice time.

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Kindergarten container: short construction time and little coordination effort

Youth room containers or youth centre containers can be set up near skating facilities or sports grounds. These are often Containers equipped with sanitary facilities and compact kitchens.

The prefabricated container modules can be quickly erected with a mobile crane and assembled on site. This means that the client has a Short construction time and little coordination effort.

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