Clubhouse of the SV 98/07 Seckenheim

New, modular clubhouse - despite difficult access to the building site

The SV 98/07 Seckenheima popular sports club from Mannheim urgently needed a new clubhouse. The old building had to be vacated due to municipal building projects. The City of Mannheim provided the club with an alternative sports facility at the Seckenheim district sports centre, on which the new Container changing room building was to be built. However, the location of the alternative plot posed a challenge, as the plot is only accessible via a cycle path and low-hanging tree branches and narrow turning radii make access to the plot difficult.

As a competent partner in the field of modular clubhouse We have gladly accepted these challenges and the new Container functional building completed within a few months. We managed the tricky journey to the installation site with the use of Special transportersand with the laying out of Steel plates for fastening of the difficult substrate.

The Seckenheim athletes benefit from generous space and high-quality fixtures and fittings

The Container system consists of six Room modules. The rooms include a recreation room with a mini kitchen, changing facilities for athletes, a first aid room and a kiosk room with a sliding sales window. The facility also has high-quality sanitary facilities.

As the showers are expected to be highly frequented, they have been designed to be particularly robust. They were completely Tiled concealed sports showers which are installed via a Water-saving automatic start-stop function have. In addition, 180 cm wide tilting windows and powerful fans ensure reliable ventilation of the showers and changing rooms. High-quality WCs of the Geberit brand are located in the changing rooms. There are also guest toilets that are accessible from the outside. A disabled toilet with folding support handles, an alarm system on the toilet and a tilting mirror have also been included.

Clubhouse container facility impresses with modern energy concept and pent roof

The floor of the Office containers is with Robust rubber studded surface which can also withstand the increased strain of football boots. With its reinforced mineral wool insulation, the new containerised club facility complies with the current high energy-saving regulations in accordance with the current GEG (ENEV) regulations. The energy requirement is minimised via Solar thermal energy and Photovoltaics on the additional monopitch roof of the container system. We also installed the water pipes required for the circulation pump for the hot water supply. The Pitched roof with a wide, integrated canopy offers the trainers protection from rain and sun and at the same time visually enhances the room cell system.

Support from PH Container beyond construction

Already with the building application PH Container was able to support the association by providing an EnEV certificate and a verifiable static calculation for long-term use. As the association wanted Increased burglary protection we fitted the container windows with high-quality aluminium blinds and window grilles.

We are delighted with the club's new, Modern functional buildingthat meets the desired requirements and fulfils all legal requirements.

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  • Client SV 98/07 Seckenheim
  • Date 22/01/2023
  • Tags Changing room container, clubhouse