Day care centre in container construction

Containerised day nursery - modular construction as a quick and inexpensive alternative to permanent buildings

Wenzenbach in the district of Regensburg was faced with the problem that the capacity of the day care centre "Johanniter Kinderhaus Laubfrösche Wenzenbach" was no longer sufficient for the rapidly growing community. As a Fixed construction associated with high costs and the required Rapid creation of the required daycare places the municipality decided in favour of a container construction. From the initial idea to handover, the company PH Container GmbH provided the municipality with an uncomplicated, fast and inexpensive solution within 16 weeks.

The project comprises a kindergarten building which provides space for a group of toddlers aged 1-3 and a second group for kindergarten children aged 3-6. The building complies with the space programme for mixed-age day care facilities of the Free State of Bavaria. The total area of 360 m² is divided into two large group rooms with adjoining rooms, a kitchen with dining room, two office rooms and storage and cleaning rooms. In addition, two sanitary rooms with child-friendly toilets and washbasins, adapted to the age of the groups, as well as a bedroom, provide the necessary comfort. The interior doors are fitted with finger trap protection and the exterior doors are made of high-quality aluminium.

Open, bright rooms in day care centre thanks to container construction

The system could be constructed in a large modular design with an integrated aisle so that Spacious, bright and friendly rooms were created. Windows and balcony doors are fitted with aluminium blinds, which provide shade in summer and allow the bedroom to be completely darkened. Balcony doors provide quick access to the garden and also serve as escape routes. All rooms are fitted with high-quality PVC flooring and an acoustic ceiling for sound insulation. Air conditioning systems can also be used for heating in winter and, together with ENEV insulation, lead to particularly good energy efficiency. A generously designed entrance area not only allows for stress-free changing, but also enables staff and parents to socialise.

The chosen location was associated with difficulties that could not be overcome. specific solution were required. Firstly, the installation of the building on a former field required the procurement of a crane. Also, the area is surrounded by deciduous trees, so a leaf collection net was installed on the roof to minimise maintenance.

  • Client Johanniter Children's House Laubfrösche Wenzenbach
  • Date 19/09/2020
  • Tags Kindergarten container, school container