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WC containers - What to consider when buying?

Are you looking for a WC container resp. Sanitary containers? Then PH Container from the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region right! We offer you WC containers directly ex works, so you benefit from favourable prices and high quality. There are basically two different types of office container. See also article Types of office containers.

WC containers for short-term use

Depending on the intended use, one also uses WC container the specific Advantages of the respective container design. For simple and inexpensive toilet containers, which are often used for construction site facilities, containers with removable walls are used. The walls are coated on the inside with smooth sheet metal, which is robust and easy to clean. With toilet containers in particular, you should make sure that the walls are insulated with rigid polyurethane foam (PU panels). The reason for this is that these are water-repellent and are therefore not damaged if the water pipes break. In simple toilet containers, the pipes are laid "on plaster", i.e. visible on the walls. Although this makes it easier to find defects in the water pipes, it is not particularly decorative. If toilet containers are used for events, such as in Nuremberg For example, if the "Rock im Park" festival is used, vandalism must always be expected. Water pipes laid "on plaster" are clearly a disadvantage here. With simple Sanitary containers For events, at least the waste water pipes that run just above the floor are covered with a robust plinth channel so that they cannot be damaged by footsteps.

Each insulation material has its advantages and disadvantages

Mineral wool is inexpensive, has good sound insulation properties and a certain degree of fire protection. Compared to PU panels, however, it is heavier, has a poorer insulation value and is not water-repellent. PU container walls have the clear advantage in terms of weight and thermal insulation value. Polyurethane is also water-repellent and particularly durable. For this reason, it is often used for toilet containers and sanitary containers. However, its sound insulation and fire resistance properties are inferior to those of mineral wool.

WC containers for long-term use

For WC containerwhich stand for a longer period of time, the "Container with solid walls" are used. These containers are also manufactured in 3 metre widths, which opens up more possibilities for the layout of the space inside. With these sanitary containers, facing shells are usually installed in which the water pipes of the Container can be installed "under plaster". Easy-to-clean, wall-hung WCs are also possible here. These facing shells are clad with a solid plastic panel or tiles, which in turn improves the appearance and cleaning. Mineral wool is used as insulation in this type of construction. The trend is also moving towards Nuremberg and the metropolitan region of Fürth, Erlangen to WC containers to hydrophobised glass wool. This has the advantage that the walls dry out again quickly in the event of water damage. With this type of construction, the floor covering can be WC container also floor tiles purchased become.

VIP container - for special occasions

Based on containers for long-term use, we also offer particularly high-quality VIP container Sold. High-quality toilet cubicles made of HPL panels are used here, great importance is attached to the use of high-quality materials and a pleasant ambience is created with targeted interior lighting. These containers are often used for weddings, family celebrations or backstage at concerts. In Nuremberg these could VIP WC containerwill also be used in the DTM race at the Norisring.

Wheelchair-accessible and barrier-free WC containers

Events often also include Barrier-free WC containers for wheelchair users. These are usually sold as individual 10-foot containers (external dimensions 3000 x 2435 mm). In these "Disabled WC container", folding handles are fitted to the toilet and washbasin so that wheelchair users can sit on the toilet independently. The size of the toilet containers is important to ensure that wheelchair users have enough room to manoeuvre. For these containers to be considered barrier-free, the threshold must not be higher than 2 mm. Particularly flat access ramps compensate for the difference in height between the floor of the container and the outside environment.

WC container equipment variants

As you can see, there are many different options here. We can help you with Purchase one WC container in the room Nuremberg, Fürth or Erlangen support and advice! Take advantage of our almost 30 years of experience in the field of modular container systems.

We offer a wide range of different components that can be installed in the sanitary area.

Possible Equipment of the WC containers:

  • Toilets
  • Washbasin
  • Boiler and instantaneous water heater
  • Urinals
  • Pubic walls
  • WC cubicles made of CPL or HPL panels
  • Disabled WC
  • Handicapped washbasin
  • Flooring: PVC, tiles, GRP
  • Wall panelling: smooth sheet metal, solid plastic panel, tiles
  • Mounting wall possible
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About Nuremberg and the Fürth-Erlangen metropolitan region

With over 520,000 inhabitants, Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria. As Centre of the Nuremberg-Fürth-Erlangen metropolitan regionIt is the economic, service and cultural centre of northern Bavaria, with a conurbation of around 2.5 million inhabitants.

The University City of Nuremberg, is located in the Bavarian region of Middle Franconia and has been a centre of cultural development and political upheaval since the Middle Ages. As a free imperial city, it was a centre of architectural masterpieces and German ingenuity in the Middle Ages. The medieval old town, the Germanic National Museum and the former Nazi Party Rally Grounds attract visitors from all over the world.

The service industry, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre are of great economic importance. Nuremberg is also home to the Federal Employment Agency and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

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